Right now in the season of Fall, the leaves are changing colors and fading fast.  In the midst of so much transition, I am not as open this year to the chilliness in the air, shorter days, and fast approaching midterms.  Despite my preference, Autumn has arrived.

And now that I think back on the last few weeks of summer maybe I have grown more than I realize.

I am growing in my abilities as a minister.  Well at least, I think I am.  I served a child his first communion, became an active part of Kids’ Cafe, and strive to be an active listener to the concerns of others.  I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve as a minister, and I look forward to the doors that God will open for myself and others to serve our community.  And I learn each day how I can do certain tasks better next time.

I am growing in my organizational skills.  For the first time ever, my house is organized.  All of my clothes (and shoes) are organized by type and by color.  My bathroom closet is very meticulously organized as is my food pantry and even the space under my bed.  Each item has a “home,” and I can find things now.  I am proud of myself for organizing my new apartment in less than three weeks.   I look forward to inviting people over and enjoying my new space.

I am growing in my skills as a student, and I am having a great semester at divinity school.  Yes, I enjoy having nine hours rather than fifteen hours, but also, I enjoy the courses that I have this semester especially church history.  I am learning to savor the moments because in a year and a half I will graduate, and I will probably long for more days in Taylor Hall to mingle with students and faculty as we journey through life together.

I feel that I grow each time I am able to ask for someone for help or I can share with someone specifically how they can pray for me.  I am growing, though not in height, but I am growing into the person God made me to be.  I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  I am growing and realizing that I cannot change the past or other people.

And so as the leaves change color, I change and grow as well.


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