I know of friends and family who are grieving all kinds of losses: loss of a close family member or friend, loss of a friendship, loss of employment…and the list goes on and on.

I am still grieving a loss that happened seven years a go.  I have struggled with so many emotions and questions.  How long can you grieve?  What is the right way to grieve?  Why does God let some people die the way that they do?  Why does God watch as those I love suffer?  Of course I have no answers to some of these questions.

My walk with God has gone deep into valleys during my journey of grief.  Still God remains in my life even on days when I am angry at God or can barely even sense God’s closeness.

Recently, many people who care about me have challenged me to be more honest and real about how I really feel.  So writing this blog is an attempt to let others know a little more about my experiences with grief.

And if you find yourself grieving this morning, I want you to know that I am sorry for your loss.  If we were sitting face to face over coffee, I would listen to you.  I would allow you to say the same things over and over again if that is what you needed.  Or we could just sit silently and be fully present with one another.   I know that I might try to rush you into feeling better, and if I start to do that, please tell me stop.  I honor your honesty with me so that I can be the best friend possible.

Everyone experiences grief, even Jesus.  The Bible says, “Jesus wept!” (John 11:35).  And so if Jesus wept and grieved, I think I will give myself permission to do the same.


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