Recently, as in two weeks a go, I started working at First Baptist Church in Kernersville as the Minister of Children & Missions.  Immediately, I gained an awareness of how children are hungry.  These children (and their families) live close to the church where I work and not in some remote third world country.  I am no longer unaware of the hunger that exists in my own back yard especially after a training I attended this past week at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

So what am I going to do about hungry families?  I have mastered the skill of feeling burdened and overwhelmed, but what I will do to be part of the solution?  Prayer!  Yes, praying is the natural Christian Sunday School answer to any issue, but seriously, I want to pray that God would guide me on how to be a part of the solution.  I want to pray that others will become passionate about how to help others.  So much suffering, pain, and hunger exists in our world.  Each of us has a responsibility to be agents of reconcilitation in our world in whatever way God leads us.

I hunger to be a person of prayer and action.  I hunger to speak up for children!


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