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Well, for the past month or so I have kept many things off the blogging world.

I have been praying specifically about my call to ministry recently, and over and over God has confirmed that He has called me to work with children.   While on the mission trip to Spain, I enjoyed my time with the children at the English camp.   I sensed God calling me back to my passion of working with children.

So I took a risk and sent my resume to a church that is a hour and a half away from where I live now.  I knew if this job worked out I would be moving for the second time in four months (which involves packing again).  Also, I knew that I would be moving out of the same town as Adam.

Well after interviewing with them, both the church and I were sure this is where God was calling me.  Quickly details came together for my new apartment and school schedule.  I have been in awe of how God’s hand has been at work.  Psalm 121:8 says, “The Lord will watch over both your coming and your going both now and forevermore!”  

So September 5th will be my last day at Forest Hills Baptist Church.  Soon I will blog about my experiences at FHBC and specifically how God used this place to prepare for what comes next.  On September 11th I will start as the full-time Minister to Children and Missions at First Baptist Church Kernersville.

Please pray for me as I transition.  Please pray for me as I seek God’s direction on closure for one season of my life and beginning a new season of my life.  

And by the way, Adam has been so supportive of me during this journey of wrestling with what comes next and discerning where God would have me serve.  We have prayed together and separately about this decision and for one another.  I am at peace with where we are in our relationship.  I was so blessed when Adam presented me with a “promise” ring on Wednesday night only hours after my move to Kernersville was confirmed.  Please pray for us as we continue to grow closer to God and one another and as we adjust to a long distance relationship. I know that we will see each other often, but we will not be able to have dinner with each other several times a week or worship God beside each other on Sunday’s.  

Changes are about to happen on so many fronts of my life, and I am glad that God walks with me every step of the way!