“Time” in Spain

Quickly I fell in love with the people at the Christian Church in Garraf.  In Spain you do air kisses on both checks as both a greeting and when saying good-bye , and soon I found myself doing this almost naturally.  The relationships that you have with other people matter within the Spanish culture.  I grew accustomed to sharing hours, sometimes three or four hours, with others as we broke bread together and shared our lives with one another.  When you have a meal with others you have the potential to make a true investment in their lives.  In Spain, often you have the luxury of spending quality time with someone in a significant block of time.

So now that I am back home in America, will I take time to invest in others or will I hurry to cross off my list of things to do?  I pray that I realize quality time with someone can matter more than the quantity of time you get to spend with that person.

Also, while in Spain, I recognized that presently I have only a few friends that I spend time with regularly who are not believers in Jesus.  I feel challenged now to build deeper relationships with others, both believers who need encouragement and those who are not believers.  Will I take actions to follow my conviction?  Or will I allow this to become less of a priority as I jump back into my life here in  America?  I pray that the lessons that God has been teaching me recently will not quickly fade away.

Right now I am making plans for my upcoming week.  Some of my goals for the next week include: spending time daily with God (Beth Moore’s Bible study “James: Mercy Triumphs” has been a great resource) and to make a connection with one person who does not know Jesus personally and begin to spend quality time with that person.  My challenge goal, beginning Sunday, will be to chart how I spend my time.  I hope this will help me make some changes.  Please pray for me as I strive to meet these goals.  Feel free to send me a message of accountability next week.  We need each other for encouragement and accountability as we walk this Christian road together.


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