“Blessed Be Your Name”

At the risk of not writing the longest blog in the history of the world, which no one would finish, I have realized that I will have several blog posts in the next few weeks about my time in Spain and my reflections on these experiences.  Feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions about my time in Spain or if you have a particular topic you would like me to blog about.  I am open to suggestions!

While in Spain, I had three Sunday’s where I was able to worship at the Christian Church of Garraf.  As we sang worship songs in Spanish I found myself singing familiar songs, but I had to really think about the words.  I could not just sing a song because the words had become a part of rote memory.  My habit of often going thru the motions of singing worship songs was brought to a screeching halt.  I was in awe of how God was using this experience in my life.

I pondered the meanings of the songs as I translated the words into English so I could know what I was singing.  Several times I wondered: How many times have I sang this song in English without meaning what was coming out of my mouth?  How many times do I worship God on Sunday with my mouth and then the rest of the week forget about worshiping God?  I saw phrases differently.  I experienced worshiping God differently.  Once again I processed the words of “Blessed Be Your Name.”

I first started singing “Blessed Be Your Name” in high school at summer youth camps.  The lyrics talk about how God is still God in every season of your life.  The lines of the song that pierce my heart the most tell how God gives and takes away.  As a freshman at Campbell, I had days where I would refuse to sing this song.  I would just sit down in worship and cry as others sang about God being God in the desert as well as when things are good.  Some how though, and I cannot pin point an exact moment in time, “Blessed Be Your Name” became the honest cry of my heart.  I still rarely hear this song without tears, but now this song brings tears of healing and tears of remembrance of how God has been with me in all things, even times of brokenness and grief.

So singing this song in Spanish alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ will forever be a memory that I cherish.  And God continues in all things to shape the cry of my heart to be “Blessed Be Your Name!”

Check out this youtube video of “Blessed Be Your Name” in Spanish.  This is not the exact translation we used at the church, but this version has the lyrics.  I encourage you to take time to watch this video and thank God that God understands all languages and has a heart for all people.  And if you know a little Spanish perhaps process the words of this song in a new way.  Friends, I pray God speaks to your hearts today!


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