Late Monday evening, I arrived “home” from a two and a half week mission trip in Spain.  I was glad to see Adam again for the first time in 6 1/2 weeks, but I am still adjusting to being back home.

Here is some of the history behind the homes that I have had in my life:

When I was about 3, we moved into the house in Boiling Springs where my parents still live.  Even though the walls are different colors, the appliances have been switched out, and none of my stuff is there any more it still feels like home because my family lives there.

Then in the next season of my life, Campbell and Camp Mundo Vista felt like home.  These are places where God brought into my life forever friends who walked beside me in both times of grieving and times of celebration.

Next I lived in China for six months.  An entire blog could be devoted to this experience.  I felt most at home there when I was surrounded with good friends in a hot pot restaurant.

After China, I lived in a house in Buies Creek for two years.  Now I live in an apartment Cary.  This small town girl is grateful to live in close proximity to Target.  I enjoy the brief commute to work, and I love that I have more than four options of where to eat out with friends.

And so since Cary does not yet have that hometown feel that I enjoy, Adam and I spent the afternoon yesterday in Harnett County.  We enjoyed Sunni Skies ice cream.  We visited with a couple that has meant a lot to me over my time at Campbell.  And then we enjoyed spaghetti with a friend before heading back.

This morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m. still trying to adjust to jet lag.  I woke up with memories of the people and experiences that I treasure from Spain.  I woke up wondering what today would hold.  But still I woke up incredibly early for someone who has never been a morning person.

Then on Facebook, I got a comment from my host in Spain that said, “You now have your home in Spain.”  I miss my “home” in Spain and the friends that I made there.  I felt such peace knowing that one day I can return to my “home” in Spain.

I am realizing that believers in Christ are not going to feel completely home on earth.  We are going to have questions, doubts, frustrations, and trials here on earth.  So until I am home with Jesus, I have a new desire to be hospitable toward others.  Hospitality does not come naturally to me, but I know that God is calling me to invite others into my home, my car, and my life.  I am so thankful for those who have done the same for me.


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