Our world is driven by how fast we can communicate with others.  We can quickly tell others news, both good and bad.  In the olden days people waited for weeks to receive a letter or telegram.  Indeed times have changed.

If I am at home, my laptop is in my lap, and I am constantly checking my e-mail and browsing Facebook.  I must always know where my cell phone is located.  I am addicted to being connected.

Well, on May 30th I went from communicating with my boyfriend via multiple modes of communication to having limited communication while he is on a mission trip in Mongolia.  Thankfully we have been able to communicate more than we originally thought, but still both of us had to adjust to limited communication.

Many times my communication with God has been limited.  How many times have I vented to someone else rather than going directly to God?  How many times have I blocked God’s voice out because I did not want to do what He was leading me to do?  Or how many times have I ignored God because of my pain and brokenness?  Or could I have stopped listening for God to respond because I feel like my prayers were only bouncing off the ceiling?  These are difficult questions to ponder.

I must remember that I can always communicate directly to God.  In some seasons God may appear to be silent, but I can still pray.  In some seasons I may struggle with obedience, but I can still pray.  At other times I may feel as if all of life has run me over, but I can choose to pray even then.  God hears me…always!

My goal in the upcoming weeks is to spend time communicating with God and preparing to hear from God.  I want to be receptive to hear God’s voice in the ordinary moments of life.  I encourage you to do the same.


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