I remember the exact Sunday School classroom where I confessed my belief in Jesus and began my personal relationship with God.  As a teenager I would return to that exact spot to pray.  Sometimes God feels especially close.

And at other times God feels distant.  One night at Lake Hollifield Complex at Gardner Webb University I poured my heart out to God.  I had no answers for my questions, no peace for my heart, and no comfort for my soul.  In those moments I grasped that God can handle my emotional prayers of anguish.

At other times the prayers of someone else impact me greatly.  Each week our pastor prays a similar blessing over our congregation.  The part of the blessing that touches me the most is, “And now may God bring healing to you and all your relationships.”  Those words soothe my soul over and over again.

Yesterday my boyfriend uttered a precious prayer for us.  We were under the covering at the RDU airport.  The rain was pouring down.  His two suitcases were on the sidewalk.  (The same two suitcases that have not yet arrived at his final destination.)  His passport case was around his neck, and ready or not we were saying goodbye.  My checks were wet with tears.  Adam hugged me close, and he prayed, “Dear God, Please go with us both during the next six weeks…”  As he continued on with his prayer, I was at peace knowing that the one I love has a close relationship with God. I was comforted that in these parting moments together we took the time to pray and ask God to be with each of us.  The tears did not cease, but rather they were a part of this moment.  I am thankful that both God and Adam are not afraid of tears.

I look forward to praying with Adam again when we both return from our mission trips.  In the mean time, I’ll be praying for him and he’ll be praying for me.


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