God is in the details of planning, organizing, and getting together a beach retreat for 100 internationals and friends of internationals.  Everyone has a place to sit for the ride, and everyone has a bed to sleep in.  Thank you God for taking care of these details in extraordinary ways.

God is in the details of ordering the steps of the future of someone I really care about.  God led him to apply to a graduate program.  He has been accepted, and God has already opened the doors for him to enroll in the summer school class that the professor only allows a few students to take.  Thank you God for preparing a hopeful future for him!

God is in the details of bringing things together.  I am in need of this reminder.  And perhaps you need to be reminded as well that God is not distant from our human struggles and worries.  Perhaps you need to be reminded that God, even in the midst of your world crumbling, is with you and cares about the details of your life.

What about those times when details do not come together?  What about those times when all of your planning goes to the wayside and chaos takes over?  What about those days that are just horrible?  I know some of my closest friends are in these dreadful moments right now.  They are grieving and questioning.  I have no answers that can transport them out of this season of loneliness and doubt.  All I can do is pray for them in this season where they struggle to pray for themselves.  All I can do is listen and love.  All I can do is realize that there is not more than I can do.

For now I am blessed to be aware of God is at work in the details.  I pray that all of us will be able to catch special glimpses of how God is at work in the details.

Please comment and share with me how God is/has been in the details of your life.  Or feel free to post a comment about how you are in a season where you feel God is distant.  I look forward to us sharing the journey to here, there, and yonder together.


One thought on “Details

  1. This is just a wonderful praise for what our God can do for us. Even in the times we can’t do anything, we can always pray and cling to the promise that we are never alone. We never have to face anything without our precious Lord. May you be blessed for all your service to Him. You are such a special young lady. I know I am blessed by you.

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