Life is filled with disappointing moments.  Some days will just be bad days.  Some seasons will linger with depressing moments.  And some years will seem to last forever.

Yet in those moments we have decisions.  Will we allow ourselves the freedom and space to grieve?  Will we let those that we care about help us?  Will we go to God and honestly share how we feel?

Yet in those moments we have hope.  Despite our discouraged hearts, God is still control.  Despite our brokenness, God still has a plan.  Despite our unanswered questions and doubts, God is still Jehovah Jireh.  God is still there to provide for His children.

Yet in those moments, we are still in those moments.  We cannot make time go by faster.  We cannot change the thoughts and actions of others.  We cannot change the past.  We cannot accurately predict the future.

My freshman year of college was full of moments of doubt, frustration, and questions.  Moments where my family and I suffered, moments where I wondered if going away to college had been a good decision, and moments where I wavered in my faith.

Yet when remembering these same moments, I can recall tangible ways where God was present.  God was present in the friends who held me as I cried.  God was present in my roommate who prayed with me and prayed for me when I could not find the words to pray.  God was present in the ladies from Coffee Break at BCFBC who met with me weekly and listened to me share my story.

Still not every moment was filled with an intense awareness of God’s presence, but as I look back I see that God had not forgotten me or my family.

And I am reminded that God also has not forgotten about the struggles that those I love are presently facing.  My prayer is that God would meet with each of these individuals in a real and powerful way.

My Prayer: God, I am willing to follow Your leading to bring Your comfort, healing, and peace into their lives.


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