Good News

One African American church in California made a difference in their community this past  Saturday.  Destiny Christian Center set aside $10,000, with the help of some local businesses, to lower the price of gas per gallon by one dollar for several hours.  This church had found a tangible way to bless many.

In the news clip about this event young people were seen holding up signs and chanting about this discount.  I was encouraged to see young and old serving together.

I had a difficult time locating a positive news story at, but I am glad that I came across this story.  Some consider the good news around the Easter season to be the resurrection of Christ.  However, for the people of this community, the good news was saving a dollar per each gallon of gas they purchased.

I am not sure how many people who were blessed with this discount made the connection between the goodness that was shown to them by Destiny Christian Center and the goodness that God shows us.  Still I am encouraged that a group of believers came together to make such an impact on their community.

Recently a lot of my classes at Campbell Divinity School have centered around the  discussion about the different ways in which we can share the good news about Christ with others.

These are some of the questions that we have considered: How should you dialogue with others about your faith?  Should you share randomly with people you come across or should you focus more on building relationships?  How do you interact with individuals who have a faith system that is completely different from your own?

I will continue to be a part of discussions concerning evangelism, and if any one knows of any churches in the Raleigh area giving a discount on gas, I will gladly share that good news as well.


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