First Time for Everything

I never knew what a Maundy Thursday service was until I attended college.  I never thought about the possibility of serving communion until I was ordained this past July.  I never thought about serving communion to internationals until recently.  Also, I never thought that the first person I would serve communion to would be my boyfriend.

However, all of these never’s became a part of my reality during this past Thursday evening, April 5, 2012.  I was a part of the Maundy Thursday service at Forest Hills Baptist Church where I serve as the Interim Minister to Internationals.

Some of the latecomers to the service were three Chinese women, a Chinese child, and my boyfriend.  The six of us sat at a table together.  A deacon sitting at each of the tables was supposed to serve communion to the individuals at his or her table, but there was no deacon at our table so I was able to serve communion.

My first time of serving communion was indeed special.  At the end of the service, even though we had been instructed to leave in silence, one of the Chinese women told me, “I hope one day I can understand the whole essence of the Bible.”  Tears glistened in her eyes, and I could tell that God was and continues to be at work in her life.

I may never see her make a personal decision to follow Christ.   I may never feel that blessed again at a communion service.  Yet for a few moments in time I felt that my life and my ministry were of value.  I felt that God was working in spite of my shortcomings,

I humbly wait for the first time something else feels so empowering.



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